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Nuremberg Zoo and Dolphin Lagoon

July 18, 2011

^Bambi, they said.

This is one of the most memorable vacations we had, not just because of seeing a lovely place but because our daughter was left behind – for the second time. We visited the Nuremberg Zoo and Dolphin Lagoon (Nuremberg, Germany) and stayed there for half a day before going out to eat and play at a park.

That was one of those “doki doki” (Japanese heartbeat) moments that I felt real fear. It was also one of those times that my imagination was running much faster and beyond the years I normally would. If she’d been gone, I thought, how could my life be – would I be able to sleep thinking that she’s out there somewhere yet we’ve been robbed of the chance to take care of her and see her grow.


I sometimes hate myself for having that kind of imagination. Hubby went back to the dolphin show we watched with the whole fam (with mom-in-law and her husband too- who both joined the hunt as I stayed behind to wait). He found dawty sitting where she was earlier, still waiting if there are more shows. It’s a good thing that no one came to take her or ask her to come with them…there was not even a sign of fear to be seen in her…she was so calm.

Nuremberg Zoo and Dolphin Lagoon 1



Nuremberg Zoo and Dolphin Lagoon 2
Showing off
  1. Thanks for the Visit and the comment. Dropping by for TT.

    Good thing that it all went well right? The best thing was you went home happy and all safe:-)

    I will be seeing you next time okay? Enjoy your week ahead.

  2. so sad we don’t have this kinda place in Davao… nice photos… was here for TT.. hope you can visit back! 🙂

  3. Oh wow! I don’t think you should hate yourself for having those thoughts; they are called mom-thoughts. If my daughter so much as has a fever, my imagination starts to go haywire…

    I love your blog and thanks for this post.

  4. Been a to Dolphin show once and they were amazing!1 their stunts practrically leave me breathless…

    visiting for TT

  5. Our children can certainly give us some anxious moments!! It’s a wonder we live through them. I
    am so glad all turned out so well.

    Once I stayed with my sons at the Kahala Hilton in Honolulu. It had a small lagoon in front of our room where
    dolphins swam and jumped and they put on a small show twice a day, during our entire stay. My boys were

  6. Aw, it sure was alarming for you sis. It’s good you found her naman. She sure was just expecting more of the dolphin show.

  7. that’s scary sis…as you have mentioned good thing that nobody take her.
    I would also love to bring my son to a dolphin show.
    Visiting thru TT.

  8. That was a wonderful trip I can tell! Every kiddo would surely have a great time watching the dolphins. I’m sorry for the daughter who was left behind! 🙁

    Visiting late for TT. My share is My FIRST HOP in LAS VEGAS. Hope you can stop by!

  9. Good thing your daughter didn’t move from where she was sitting. My mom taught me that in case we get lost it’s either we stay put or go back to the place where we’ve been together last. That happened to me when I was younger. I’m so thankful hindi ko pa nawawala si Una. Sa likot ba naman ng batang yun!

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