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(pardon the English, I was so lazy so I translated this mostly from the German website and didn’t do editing lol – all photos mine)

“The little ones can live out their fantasies in this oversized PLAYMOBIL world, while  mom and dad enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.” Dream games of long ago… comes true in a mighty castle. Watchtower dungeon, underground secret passages, mirrors and a throne room to bring girls and boys exciting pastime like the knights of old ‘. . .so goes the description of the park in German.

True enough, the kids were playing like live Playmobil dolls/figures in lifesize Playmobil ships, castle, farm, indian village and treehouses.


The kids enjoyed touring this Park as promised. We rode the ship, we went up the towers.


The pirate’s flagship in the middle of big pirates lake is close to nature and offers large and small privateers a high play. In exciting and real thing, the self-protection ability of dealing with anxiety and overall coordination of basic activities is pulling, crawling, trained hiding and climbing.

When rafting, waiting line could be longer. The reason is that the number of rafts according to the size of the lake is limited.

Tip: Early morning in the first hour after the opening of the park and in the hour before closing experience, is less busy.


Ideal for boarding the pirate ship for wheelchair users:

Rolli-raft (the presence of a companion strictly necessary!)

Dryer: Located opposite the dock at the main entrance. Coins for the dryers can be asked from the staff on Piratensee – for free.
Towels: You will receive a deposit at the service center at the Fun Park shop.
Borrowed clothing: if there are lots of people drying up their clothes, you can rent some (Sweat-Shirt/Jogging-Hose)

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