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^Széchenyi thermal bath, Budapest

Medical science has never been better. Innovative technologies and breakthroughs have almost made medical scientists “gods”. This is because of the advancement in research to prolong life, cure diseases, facilitate pregnancy, and more. The only factor that seems to limit one’s medical options and healthcare is  the cost.

Many countries’ direct efforts to resuscitate tourism through health vacations has proved useful. Patients around the world are getting a shot at getting cheaper medical care. To be able to prepare well, a patient or medical tourist needs to know which health tourism destinations have the best medical service providers for their need.



Nowadays, you have many options on how to proceed if you have a serious medical condition. Same applies if you simply want to enhance your physical attributes. Here are some of the top health tourism destinations that deserve consideration.


It is shockingly cheap. Many continue to be shocked by the low prices of medical care here. With its excellent facilities, it is dubbed as the “world’s premier medical destination” for the past 25 years. Almost half a million medical tourists come to India each year to receive medical care. It seems more for those who need to undergo cardiac and orthopedic procedures. Coming here help them save about 50 percent of the total cost if performed in the US.

 Health Tourism Destinations
Spa resort, Thailand


A reputable leader in elective surgery and first-rate medical infrastructure. This destination has been serving international medical tourists for over a decade now. It boasts of its UK and America-trained health professionals. It is associated with the leading and largest unified hospital group in South East Asia known as the Bangkok Hospital Group.


It is right there in the backyard. Due to its proximity to US and Canada, Mexico is a preferred destination for many medical tourists from these two affluent nations especially for dental and cosmetic procedures. About 150,000 to 500,000 medical tourists come here yearly to take advantage of savings estimated to be between 50 and 75 percent.

Costa Rica

It is WHO-recognized for quality healthcare. It even ranks higher than US, but cheaper. So what is to stop Americans, Canadians and other rich neighbors from accessing medical care from this country? Approximately 15 percent of the tourists coming here take advantage of its cosmetic and dental care that is 50 to 70 percent cheaper than in the US.

Tekapo Springs, Popular and Fast Rising Health Tourism Destinations
Tekapo Springs Hot Pools

New Zealand

Tekapo Springs is one of New Zealand’s most popular family getaway relaxation spot, with a lot of activities for both recreation & relaxation.

The complex boasts of five hot pools, built to resemble the natural beauty of the lakes surrounding it. The water comes from pure underground source near Tekapo, heated with recyclable energy. The water temperature is perfect for soaking in. It ranges from 27 to 39 degrees Celsius. Similarly, just staring the awesome lake, mountain, and forest views already gives a relaxing feeling.  In winter, the ground tends to be covered with snow, adding to the already magical experience. There are a lot of other sport activities one can engage in.  The experience to gaze at the stars clearly, away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a bonus.


Malaysia has a special burn treatment center. Also, cheap health packages. Among the well-known low-cost health packages that includes a battery of tests are the so-called “well-man” and “well-woman” packages for your girly vacation. The tests one undergoes include blood chemistry, chest X-ray, bone density scan and treadmill test. This merely costs about $340 that is very different from the usual $2,500 in the US.

Signtseeing Singapore


WHO’s best health care system in Asia and the 6th in the world. The Biopolis for example, a biotechnology research center has a stem cell bank. Singapore has liberal laws on the use of human embryonic cells for research and treatments. It’s a world-famous destination for a whole range of medical procedures. Firstly, cardiology and cardiac surgery, hepatology, orthopedics, neurology, oncology are among these. Further, there’s  gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and of course, stem cell therapy.


Hungary has been dubbed as the country with the “most number of dentists per capita than any other country”. Not surprisingly, these dentists are found all over the country. And the fees are not as steep, 50€ on cleaning, for instance. This is one reason why medical tourists from all over Europe are coming here for major dental care. They also go for full-mouth restorations and implants. Moreover, cosmetic oral surgeries. Hungary is also well remembered for its mineral springs, baths, and spas. The Széchenyi thermal bath in Budapest is one of the most famous baths around the country.

Popular and Fast Rising Health Tourism Destinations also Great for Vacation

You’ll notice that most of these leading and fast-rising health tourism destinations have become popular. Tourists are attracted because of the less expensive life-saving and elective medical procedures. These places are also great vacation places that offer patients great and cheaper ways to recuperate. The meaning of health or medical tourism truly comes to life in these destinations.

Nowadays, we have many options on how to proceed if we have a serious medical condition. Same applies if one simply wants to enhance physical attributes. Here are some of the top health tourism destinations that deserve consideration.
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  1. I’m aware that there’s such a thing as health tourism, but I never realized how big the industry is. I can’t believe people would actually spend money to travel somewhere just to undergo medical treatments, some for the sake of vanity. This is a very enlightening post.

  2. wow thanks for sharing, i hope i have lots of money to visit those places, but i will work hard , so i can cross out even one on the list, indeed a perfect place for medication because of the beautiful ambiance.

  3. Thanks to your post, I became familiar with the countries that have low medical expenses that I might need in the future. I do hope our country, the Philippines, would make it to the list one day. 🙂

  4. Health destinations are really something that is worth visiting. It gives relaxation and at the same time re-energizes ones body. Hope to visit these places soon.

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