Singapore – Hubby’s second home

When we’re out, I’m often looked at by the older people and later on asked if I am the mother of the kids I’m with…or if I take care of them. 😀 I don’t take offense because I admit that my kids resemble their Dad a lot. They took on more of his Singaporean look, thus people get confused  why they have chinky eyes but I don’t. When I’m not too lazy to explain, I tell them that my husband’s father is from Singapore, and my kids had inherited much from their gene pool. ^_^

wheel, singapore flyer
quite gloomy


We took a sidetrip to Singapore to let the kids get acquainted with their Dad’s second home, and to meet his older sisters who hubby also hasn’t seen for quite some time.   It was a sweet reunion although we forgot to take photos with her. I actually forgot to bring our dslr for this trip. lol. I was only able to bring the chunky SonyCybershot F717…which I also enjoy using. It has a wider format than the Canon ones but the colors are crisp and i do get sharp images, so no complaints.

Will feature the places we visited on the next posts….

cable car view
Cable car view as it passes by the metro


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