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Sunny Singapore – Hubby’s second home

January 20, 2010

When we’re out, I’m often looked at by the older people and later on asked if I am the mother of the kids I’m with…or if I take care of them. 😀 I don’t take offense because I admit that my kids resemble their Dad a lot. They took on more of his Singaporean look. Thus, people get confused  why they have chinky eyes but I don’t.

While the reason why we go home was not a pleasant one. We took a side trip to Singapore to let the kids get acquainted with their Dad’s second home. Also, to meet his older sisters and get the kids introduced, too.   It was a sweet reunion although we forgot to take photos with her.

I actually forgot to bring our dslr for this trip. lol. I was only able to bring the chunky SonyCybershot F717…which I also enjoy using. It has a wider format than the Canon ones but the colors are crisp and i do get sharp images, so no complaints.

Sunny Singapore - Hubby's second home 1

Clean and Pleasing

It’s no secret that Vienna has spoiled us. Whenever we visit other cities, we would unconsciously compare how clean it is to what we’re used to. Singapore fares in this regard really well. While the overall atmosphere is different, Singapore feels as safe as Vienna is.

There may be a long queue for taxis but it shows a big deal of organization.

Sunny Singapore - Hubby's second home 2



Aside from the many parks scattered in the whole of the city, there are a lot of amusing things kids can do in Singapore. There are many museums and galleries catered to the curiosity of children. Gardens that invoke the love for flora and fauna abound. Children can bring bread to feed fish and ducks. And actually keeping the city really green with all the plants and trees around impacts them at a young age. With the grass-carpeted lawns, having a picnic with the whole family is a breeze.

Sunny Singapore - Hubby's second home 3

Funny and Diverse

While waiting for our gondola that’s taking us to Sentosa, I found this funny t-shirt at a souvenir shop. It lists the things one should avoid while inside the gondola and the “no durian” rule made me guffaw.  I bet it’s not a smell anyone would want to stick to their clothes and nostrils. 😀

Tourists flock to Singapore so much, migrants as well. I believe this has made the city diverse and attractive, culturally speaking.

Sunny Singapore - Hubby's second home 4

Superb Transportation System

Singapore is a joy to walk around at. However, for our short city break, we were able to experience the efficiency of the transportation system. The buses and train wagons are also clean and very rarely miss the schedule. If you are going about with the trains and buses, get a tourist pass to save on expenses.

Not to forget the cable cars, an exciting way to get to Sentosa Island from Mount Faber. It costs SGD 33 for adults and SGD 22 for children for a round-trip ticket (price updated 2019).

Sunny Singapore - Hubby's second home 5

cable car view
Cable car view as it passes by the metro

sentosa island, singapore

merlion, singapore
Merlion, taken from the same spot in the morning and at night.

There were a lot of things we saw and did at Sentosa. The first thing was to see the 37-metre-tall Merlion statue a bit upclose.

Let’s tackle the other things to do and things to see in Singapore on the next posts. ^_^


Sunny Singapore - Hubby's second home 6
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