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Singapore – Palawan Beach

September 14, 2011

view from merlion

Viewing beaches while inside the Tiger Sky Tower in Sentosa is so relaxing you’d feel you want to go down immediately and be there but at the same time you want to stay to enjoy the vista. It’s confusing!

Singapore is hubby’s second home, he knows and love it so well that’s why he wanted the kids to learn about it and enjoy it as he did. Unfortunately, we only got 3 days to go around on our last visit. We met with one of hubby’s sisters whom he hasn’t seen for years. It was a short rendezvous so I told hubby to take her out for dinner and catch up with what they’ve missed in so many years.

The beaches in Singapore hold many wonderful childhood memories for hubby, spent with his Dad and siblings. That’s why when the kids requested for a swim, he readily said yes. We bought swim wears and towels from the stores by the beach, we didn’t bring any since we hadn’t planned it at all.

This trip was one of those “forgetful” moments hubby and I had. We left our camera bag on the bed at home, the Canon is in it but I managed to bring my then Sony F717 in my handcarry so most of our shots were taken with it (above) and our iPhones (below). Pardon the quality.


We truly enjoyed Palawan Beach’s refreshing blue waters…especially the little boy who has no fear whatsoever when he is in the water. He’d bravely jump without his arm floaters on and that would scare the living daylights out of me…


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  1. let’s visit SG once again…my little boy is so excited with his passport, even shouted out, “Mommy, punta kmi ni alex sa Bohol!…” toink!!!

  2. Wow! That is absolutely a beautiful place! I hope I can visit Singapore someday! 🙂

    Doing my late visit for TT. Hope to see you at my Giant Pearl Fountain entry. 🙂 Thanks!

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