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Singapore – Sentosa Nature Discovery

January 30, 2010


I truly regret not bringing our DSLR. It was I think the confusion and all those thoughts that I left our camera bag on the bed as we hurry out to bring stuff to the taxi.

I could have made used well of it but instead I made full use of our old Sony cybershot F717 and iPhones.


Only hubby was brave enough to have the birds’ claws on his arm, well kids aren’t allowed anyway. So the kids settled on looking and watching the colorful parrots in awe. Daddy fed some of the birds too I think you need to donate to feed them.

It seems we weren’t the only ones watching. This curious beak was peeking from the roo of the gardener down to us especially when I aimed the camera at him.

Surely there were colorful parrots and parakeets but one that my youngest son easily identified is this: a white hen! He’s been following them around at home and he even has one for a pet. I think living in a city does have its cons…

  1. Certainly the parrots are more colorful and beautiful, but the hen probably appreciated having your son admire her!
    Nice post for Mellow Yellow Monday.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. I like living in the city but the problem is the pollution. It is making me sick always. I want to move away to inhale fresh air in the mountains!

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