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Every summer, willingly or not, swimming is a favorite activity that we do when we can.  We try to go to beautiful beaches, and other places where the kids can enjoy a swim. I’ve unearthed photos from hubby’s Facebook account and found these. The earliest was in 2005 coming from his friendster photos that he transferred to Facebook. I tried to scour our archives but I’m running late for GT so these are all I can share for the moment.

Here are some that came up.


Laguna, Philippines

Freshwater spring, Laguna, Philippines – 2005
Laguna, Philippines – 2005

I totally forgot the name of the place. It’s quite hidden and one should know the zigzaggy road to get there.

Paris, France

Paris, France – 2007

We stayed at the My Travel Explorer’s Hotel and they have a pirate theme pool. I forgot to take photos of us swimming and we only did for a day because they closed the pool for cleaning. 🙁

Lignano, Italy

swimming, summer, lignano
Lignano, Italy -2008

In  Lignano, we stayed at a Villa near the beach, but early in the morning the kids would dip at the pool just beside the compound (top most photo). The sand may not be as white, but the waters certainly cool you down for the day.

Cavite, Philippines

swimming, pool, philippines
Cavite, Philippines (with cousins too) at the compound pool – 2009

One of my cousins living just beside us has a pool and so when it’s too hot we invade their place and spend the day cooling it off…we were joined in by my nephews and nieces.

Sentosa, Singapore

Sentosa, Singapore -2009

We were able to dip at Sentosa’s beach, too, even for a few hours. It would have been a waste not to enjoy the clean shores of Sentosa….

Balaton, Hungary

Balaton, Hungary – 2009


Summer of 2009 was surely a busy swimming year, this time at the beaches of Hungary. The vacation house has a pool that is suitable for kids.


Batangas, Philippines

Pool, Matabungkay, Batangas, Philippines – 2010
Matabungkay beach, Batangas, Philippines-2010 ( a not so flattering photo 😀 haha)

We spent 3 days in Matabungkay and one of the main reason was just so my sickly son could breathe sea air early in the morning. Matabungkay is very different from how I remember it but I’d always be happy to come back. We stayed at the resident apartments, where we can also use the pool, the amenities (karaoke, bar, etc), where we can grill meat, also run around the shore, play (ballgames and swing,slide) and swim at the beach.

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