The World is a Book, Let’s Read

There’s a popular quote that goes, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Those words couldn’t be any truer especially for people who love to travel. Traveling exposes you to so many wonderful things about the place we call home – earth. Even not-so-wonderful experiences during trips can be considered lessons learned along the way.

Learning Outside Books

Indeed, just as the books we read open our eyes to new things learned and add to an ever-expanding knowledge repository, traveling expands the box you’ve built around yourself. It can change your views of the world, the people in it, and life in general. On the contrary, if you’re afraid to step out of your comfort zone and travel, it’s as if you’re stuck on the cover page of a book. Like being satisfied to just look at the pretty picture in front of you and not bothering to read the content. Continue reading “The World is a Book, Let’s Read”