The Louvre revisited

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Marie, reminiscing:

Some years ago we visited the Louvre…I was really delighted. It was a dream come true for the wannabe painter in me. As a kid, I’ve always admired the works of great artists as Monet and Van Gogh…then of course I only get to see their works on books and encyclopedias.

My favorites later on included Picasso, Dürer and Klimt; this time I’m able to see some of their works up close. Yet, there are still so much more to explore.


I’ve often mentioned my interest in the arts on my other blogs. I enjoy interviewing artists, interpreting their work and hearing their own interpretation too — something I haven’t done for a long time now…and visiting the Louvre wouldn’t make this possible. 🙂 So there we were able to enjoy the silence and the beautiful colors of the Louvre even for a few hours. I’d definitely love to go back!


Harold, revisited:

Fast forward to 2016, I went to visit the Louvre but not with the wife but with a visiting friend.

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  1. Thanks for the visit everyone! I forgot to include that, yes, it is allowed to take photos 🙂 Will show one with me and the monalisa 😀

  2. The Louvre is GORGEOUS. One of my favorite museums by far, even if I’ve only been one time. I would love to go back… What was your absolute favorite piece there?


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