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The one where Rachelle and I meet – Part 1 (Playmobil)

November 16, 2012

For a year plus some months now, I’ve been blogging more than I usually do and I’ve come to know so many wonderful bloggers – around the world. Truth be told, I haven’t been to any blogging event where I get to meet like-minded writers or photographers. I am not even familiar of many keyboard-tippers around Vienna. I know, it’s such a lame and unfortunate life I lead as a blogger.

First blogger meet up 🙂

So last year, I ‘met’ a momblogger who is nearer where I am than others I’ve been interacting with. Rachelle, a mom of two based in Aalen, Germany, was like the constant blogger present on chat, on groups and those other social networks we utilize – we immediately became friends, albeit online. That includes hours of chit-chat, question and answers, sharing blogging tips and tricks, laughs, guffaws and sometimes sharing sentiments. Oh, don’t forget exchanges  of German words and sentences too. ^_^

Since Aalen is very near Nuremberg and Fuerth, which my family and I visit almost every year, we set a date to finally get to see each other personally…I anticipated it would be fun since my kids would also be able to meet hers, so we decided to rendezvous at someplace where the kids would enjoy: Playmobil! Kids at heart (read: us) will surely enjoy it there!

zandD beneryz

Rachelle’s son (in red) and mine – Rachelle’s daughter (yellow) and mine.

Like Meeting Up an Old Friend

It was a Saturday, day prior our scheduled trip back to Vienna when we met up. Surprise! There, even though it was the first time we met we were talking like we’ve known each other for so many years. Well, the fact that we have been like in contact almost every hour is no surprise and we talked about topics on end, you’d think there’s nothing more to talk about…wrong! It was like having to be reunited with a friend that one hasn’t seen for ten years and were keeping up to the stories during their absence from each other’s lives (read: chismis)!

I also get to meet her very reserved-man of a husband and two adorable kids. They were speaking English mostly, a relief for me – I was able to practice English the whole day without hearing replies of three languages in one sentence! My kids were fascinated at how they don’t speak Tagalog but their parents do. ^_^

log raft
staying balanced
trying to hit the cherry…or dragon

Funpark for the Kids

We let the kids roam around and enjoy the big slide, going up the castle, balancing on a log raft, pretending to be pirates on a ship, climbing up the nets, riding on wooden horses, arrow shooting with a terrifying dragon as a target and do whatever they fancy. The highlight of course would be finishing the golf course. There were 18 holes which each of the kids patiently finished. We had our laughs during the span of more than an hour – as the kids went about their rounds, counting and scoring and committing bloopers.

It was a fun Playmobil adventure albeit the day started gloomy, it turned really nice and but it didn’t actually ended there. We parted for just about an hour…then we went to Nuremberg’s fest (but that’s another story). Germany wouldn’t be without beers and sausages and those so we took the kids to a one final treat before calling it a day…

golf kids
picking up a golf ball
golf, grimace
goofing and taking a break from golf


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