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Venice – City of Windows too!

June 21, 2011


To be in the city were Venetian blinds are named after, it was surprising to find that not much of them are in use there. Or perhaps it was still early that I haven’t spotted much when hubby and I were walking their streets.

It’s acknowledged that window blinds were first used in Asia; the Egyptians used tied reeds while the Chinese devised bamboo. It is however in Venice that the blinds we know today were first manufactured. The reason that they were invented, as should be obvious, is to have a means of adjusting how much light is let into a room…especially during summer.

window kitty

Above photo with a cat peeking from the open window has become one of my favorites. I was in a hurry to shoot and I was only able to make one as the white kitty left too soon.

moroccan stil
You’ve heard Venice being called the city of Bridges or the city of Water, I think it’s also fitting to call it the city of Windows!


  1. oops, the 2nd photo is not showing. the windows in the last photo are so elaborate. ganda! venetian blinds always give me an impression of something illicit happening behind the blinds. LOL

  2. These are wonderful windows, indeed! And great photos of them…the white cat on the balcony is a simply charming shot…:)

  3. I’m glad you joined in our signs, signs. I’ve never been to Venice, but I am sure, being so old and elegant, the windows and doors are as attractive as the bridges.

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