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All Inclusive Ski Holidays

October 1, 2012

The cool breeze is slowly sweeping in… It might be so early to say but in a few more weeks, we will definitely have snow. This calls for ski holidays soon. What my kids would love but I have some hesitations…if winter is not so picturesque and if it’s not a lovely time to capture them kids having fun, I would just escape to the tropics and enjoy the beach under a parasol, sipping piña colada with a Murakami book in one hand.

Those are my thoughts but reality is far from it. I will have to go through the cold :/ but  a few weeks of it would be great  when spent  in any exclusive luxury ski vacations in the Alps or better; Japan! That’s having accommodation, lift passes, meals, transfers and many other activities paid in one go. Here are reasons for having your All Inclusive Ski Holidays.

snow fun! All Inclusive Ski Holidays

Relaxing Activities

While I do enjoy snowboarding on ski holidays occasionally as it keeps me fit, my mind has been fixed to believe that I am born in the tropics. I will enjoy it there more than being clothed in layers, fingers almost always numb even with gloves on. :/ Thus, when hubby tries to convince me to a ski holiday, he has to cite the other amenities that a particular ski holidays resort offers. I’m talking spas, whirlpool, thermal and Turkish baths, sauna, massage and everything that will make one relax (food included please). It is after all a break from the usual routine.

All Inclusive Ski Holidays
(snowcapped mountain, view from our cabin)

Something for All Age Groups

Thus, an all inclusive ski holiday is a convenient way to spend winter vacations off. The range of different activities start from kids aged 4 or below to teenagers and to adults. This is really convenient for parents who would want to enjoy their time together knowing that their kids are equally having fun and are in good hands.

There are such websites offering a list of resorts for ski holidays to choose from. Club Med for one, which started the industry in 1950,  features a variety of resorts in France, Italy, Switzerland, the US and a number more countries.

All Inclusive Ski Holidays 1
Winter Play

Ski Holidays For Non-Skiers

These resorts are becoming more and more in tune with the needs of non-skiers. Aside from the amenities mentioned above, those with less nerves for adventure can also enjoy  the following.


ski holidays,skiing,snow, wintersport
Resting a bit before riding the gondola up again.

Simply put, you get to ride a sled pulled by huskies. This is best for smaller kids to not tire the precious doggies. This requires a basic course of whatnots and how-to’s both for the benefit of the dogs and riders.

Don’t worry though, a musher or an expert dog-whisperer will come along. He/she will convey commands to the huskies.

You can opt to ride at night, too. When the moon lits the sky and is shining on snow like scattered diamond dusts on the ground.


This is like hiking on snow. You just need to wear some snowshoes  that helps you distribute the weight so that you do not sink completely into the snow. I think it’s called “flotation”.

Ice skating

If there’s a lake that’s frozen, it’s possible that resort managers will allow visitors to skate on it. If not, man-made rinks will perfectly do. It’s always a good time to practice your loops and salchows when you get the chance. 😉

It is always fun to play in the snow but if you’re like me who sometimes can’t put her first foot forward to ski, these less strenuous activities can make  you say that “hey, I did have my fun, too!”

thermal pool, ski holidays
Thermal Pool

Skin Beautifying Treatments

A spa treatment will work wonders, so would a thermal bath and a sauna. It’s winter, you don’t sweat much, these regimen will help maintain your healthy skin and overall well-being. Soaking in a hot spring is also a good way to go. It will undoubtedly rejuvenate not only the body but the mind as well. Just, don’t overdo it, you know very well that soaking in for long hours will relax you too much, either you wouldn’t be able to go back to your hotel or cabin or if you do you just stay there the whole time not being able to move a muscle. ^_^

There are a number of reasons why having your All Inclusive Ski Holidays is worth it. Relaxing Activities for non-skiers, and super snow fun for adventurous ones!
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  1. what a wonderful holiday, ooh, i dream of seeing the beauty of snows and skiing, wow, that’s something worth trying.

  2. One of my wishes is to have a short vacation in a ski resort. I would love to see the mountain blanketed with thick snow. I am pretty sure it will be beautiful! I like your photos and your kids were having a blast!

  3. Beautiful photographs as always. I was just singing White Christmas earlier today because it was so cold, sadly no snow for us here, just rain. I love the thermal pool, makes me want to go back to the spa.

  4. Beautiful trip and beautiful photos! How fun! I have always wanted to go on a winter vacation somewhere and just enjoy the weather and the snow and maybe learn to ski. 🙂 But that never happens and hoping someday it will. 🙂 Beautiful shots!

  5. One reason i always look forward to the winter is the snow i love how they blanketed everything! Sadly though i can’t see snow this year we’re moving to Florida!

  6. How I wish I can experience the snow too. That’s my childhood dream. I hope someday, somehow it will come true.

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