Germany’s Beautiful Spots


With its vibrant cities, rich culture, beautiful natural sceneries, and castles, Germany has something for everyone. Berlin is the most popular destination in Germany because of its fascinating sceneries and natural attractions. But aside from this fascinating city, the country also has other charming cities, major districts with proud histories. Although I have only been […]



  Some posts on my other blog, I mentioned about the musicians of Bremen having reminded of it by a statue at a children’s park in Fuerth. Click here in case you want to read it. Was able to visit this German city a while back and as most of Germany, it is spotless. Bremen […]

Playmobil Food

Germany, Playmobil Funpark

For a Funpark as big as Playmobil, restaurants and eating joints are fun because they’ve integrated it in a playful environment as how the park is. The Burg café is castle inspired, following it’s name (Burg=castle). You can see Playmobil guards stationed up the walls as they would in real life castles of old. As […]

Playmobil Funpark, 6 years after

Fürth, Playmobil Funpark

  For the kids, visiting their grandparents means fun…Aside from their oma’s cooking (grandmom) they enjoy walking around the place and swimming at the nearby pool. There’s also almost always a mention of Playmobil Funpark. It’s just a few minutes from their place. Just like before, dad-in-law would bring the first batch there (car is […]

S’ Baggers, Nürnberg

Germany, Nuremberg

Nürnberg/Nuremberg is one of the major cities in Bavaria. Been to this city a handful of times yet I can’t say that I know it well…I probably won’t but its charm is something that I always want to revisit. Nürnberg’s history extends as far as the 11th century becoming an important key trade route as […]

Family City Break – Fürth, Bavaria

Fürth, Germany

Fürth (german)/Fuerth is a historic city in northern Bavaria, Germany…south of the whole Germany. It is a few kilometers away from Nuremberg. Fürth is also the first city my daughter and I visited in Germany and the whole of Europe after having migrated to Vienna in 2002…This is where mom-in-law has lived since some years […]

Nuremberg Zoo and Dolphin Lagoon

Germany, Nuremberg, Zoo

  This is one of the most memorable vacations we had, not just because of seeing a lovely place but because our daughter was left behind – for the second time. We visited the Nuremberg Zoo and Dolphin Lagoon (Nuremberg, Germany) and stayed there for half a day before going out to eat and play at […]

Big Stuff

Germany, Nuremberg

The biggest banana we’ve ever seen is at Nuremberg, Germany. We were walking down the street to the train station when we saw this giant banana. We just got to have a photo! Just like in Vienna, flower pots are abundant. That is just one of the many around the street. Then there was a […]

Playmobil FunPark

Germany, Playmobil Funpark

We’ve always been familiar with Lego, those colorful interlocking plastic bricks we make into castles and houses of our dreams. Not much known to us was Playmobil; the German counterpart (Lego is from Denmark) of those little plastic men and construction toys.  The little figures are called klicky, and can be 3 inches or a bit […]