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Leeds, a Treasure Trove of Experiences and Discoveries

December 21, 2012

Leeds is one of West Yorkshire’s metropolitan boroughs. It boasts itself of being a multicultural city imbued with history with so many things to offer and engross keen travellers. It is the gateway to the Yorkshire region with the Leeds Bradford International airport being the largest airstrip servicing flights within the UK and Europe. Going to Leeds is quite easy to book, a flight to Aberdeen, Bristol and even Malaga if you fancy to go artistic is available. It is a perfect destination for city breaks. Before you book a flight at Eastern Airways to any of the other wonderful cities, take a walk around Leeds first (even the Headrow is enough). Explore a treasure trove of experiences and discoveries as you go.


Roundhay Park  

One of the best parks Leeds has to offer. There are skateboarding areas, bowling greens, tennis courts, football and cricket pitches. There’s also a canoe club  and a grass cycling track. One can get close to nature by birdwatching and gating at the many wild animals as roe, deer, moles, squirrels and more.

Golden Acre Park 

Have yourself amazed by the gardens and mature woodland around a beautiful lake. There’s also the Breary Marsh Nature Reserve, which are both perfect for teaching kids about wildlife and conservation. Let them mingle swans, and also deer, fox, rabbits and squirrels, geese, heron and various duck species.

Horsforth Hall Park

A large community park featuring a Japanese Garden and an integrated play project where all children (able bodied and disabled) can play together.

Middleton Park, with ancient woodlands dating as far back as the 1600, adorned with old oak trees, streams, ponds, and a variety of flora and fauna, this park is a must see. There are also tennis courts, a bowling green, a public golf course for both adults and kids to enjoy.

 Architecture (and Shopping)

Leeds has the most number of  Listed Buildings than in any English city outside London. Some of these buildings are famous shopping centres designed by famous architects. These shopping centres comprise Leeds’ shopping area. It holds approximately 1,000 retail stores, with a combined floorspace of 2,264,100 square feet (210,340 m2). Some of the most notable Listed Buildings would be:

Victoria Quarter, Leeds
Victoria Quarter

The Victoria Quarter

-An upmarket shopping area christened as the premium shopping centre North of England. It holds Ted Baker, Karen Millen, Vivienne Westwood, and French Connection. Space NK, Hobbs, Diesel, Firetrap, All Saints and Jigsaw stores are also present. It is known as the home to the first Harvey Nichols store outside London. The building was designed by architect Frank Matcham.

Leeds Corn Exchange

– A historical building designed by Cuthbert Brodrick. (Brodrick also did the plans for the Leeds Town Hall). The Corn Exchange was used as a trading center for – as the name suggests, corn. Today, it is a shopping centre. Leeds Corn Exchange houses independent retailers of a selection of innovative shops, boutiques and places to eat. It also hosts vintage fairs, craft fairs and other collectors’ fairs once in a while.

Temple Newsam

A house built in the Tudor-Jacobean style situated in a 1500 Acres of Park, Temple Newsam has a farm, children’s playground and cafe and wonderful garden to walk around. The house has a fantastic collection of furniture and other artefacts – an unassuming yet astonishing irony.

Harewood House

-A country house designed by the architects John Carr and Robert Adam. It was commissioned for wealthy trader Edwin Lascelles, 1st Baron Harewood.

Leeds Town Hall

-Architect Cuthbert Brodrick’s most famous building. It is as a representation of the importance of Leeds as a centre of trade and commerce and the wealth of its citizens.

By Chemical Engineer - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2987562
Waterloo Lake in Roundhay Park

The Arts

A visit to Leeds will not be complete without exploring its artistic offerings. Art enthusiasts can feast on both modern and historical works of arts from the different museums and exhibits. Venues that showcase works of aspiring artists or art students are abundant. There are first class art exhibitions along with galleries that permanently feature historical artifacts and artworks. The Leeds Art Gallery and Leeds City Museum alone already have plenty of inspiring art works in different mediums. Many interesting artifacts that visitors can enjoy are also on display. Those who want to explore some more can visit the following hotspots for arts and culture.

Abbey House Museum

Abbey house is a family friendly museum holding educational and visually appealing pieces from the Victorian Period. Kids will definitely learn and enjoy the lively and interactive displays. The authentic recreation of Victorian Streets that visitors can walk through is also a delight to experience.

Armley Mills Industrial Museum

The old woolen mill used to be considered as one of the largest of its kind in the 17th century. It was converted into a museum in 1969 and has since then showcased a rich collection of artifacts on the industrial revolution.

University of Leeds and University of Leeds Museum

Leeds University is considered as an excellent school in the area that is also known as a venue for music acts. It is also noteworthy that JRR Tolkien worked here as a reader. He then became a Professor in the early 1900s. The university museum also has one of the largest collections for design, science, and natural history.

Leeds, as part of West Yorkshire makes a good destination for those who love to explore arts and culture. The numerous attractions of Leeds can fill the senses with rich experiences. Leeds inspires the soul with the local masterpieces. The city enriches the mind with historical and modern artifacts.

Leeds, one of West Yorkshire's metropolitan boroughs, boasts itself of being a multicultural city imbued with history with so many things to offer and engross keen travellers. It is the gateway to the Yorkshire region with the Leeds Bradford International airport being the largest airstrip servicing flights within the UK and Europe.
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  2. Wow! What a beautiful place to visit Sis Marie 🙂 I love how historical the place. I hope someday my family can explore Europe and definitely will keep these informative tips in mind 🙂

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