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Singapore – Underwater World Sentosa – Lovely creatures

January 24, 2010



Visiting Sentosa’s Underwater World is like visiting hubby’s childhood. He said nothing changed much and he enjoyed it as much as he did as a child. He would often visit this place whenever he’s there to visit his dad and sisters. I can see how much he enjoyed it there, showing the kids around and introducing them to the different kinds of creatures that he can identify.

An 80-metre conveyor walkway brings visitors on a very near experience with marine life. Sea creatures from different parts of the world are exhibited. There are starfish, pufferfish, a dugong, weedy sea dragons, poisonous lionfish, giant clams, lazy sharks, giant sting rays and endangered giant turtles all just a thin glass away.


The Shark 3D is one of the coolest attraction there. The kids didn’t see this first we just asked them to sit there and showed them the photo later on. They were giggling. The little boy wouldn’t have agreed to sit there had he seen those jaws…sharp teeth!



A giant octopus clinging upside down his aquarium wall. Below: Daughter wandering around the glass walls.


How to reach Underwater World: By Sentosa Express, Bus, Tram – The Sentosa Express station can be found on the 3rd storey of Vivocity. Get off at Beach Station. Switch to the Blue Line or Red Line buses or the Siloso Beach Tram. Or by the most reliable for of transportation; taxi.lol




I love the display of  jellyfish in different colors. I stayed here the longest to watch. ^_^

This is fun for the kids and very educational too. They get very close to the sea creatures, actually only glasses are between them that’s why they get so excited. You could hear them giggle as a shark passes by or when a sting ray hovers over.


I’ve searched for the name of this crab and  found out that it’s a rainbow crab. They have a blueish/violet carapace, red–coloured legs, and whitish claws. There were lotsof clownfish diving in their anemone home too.


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