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A Vacation Home Is the Smart Momma’s Choice

October 10, 2018

With children spending most of their waking hours in school, there’s not enough opportunity for a family to bond and have fun. The only time they get to enjoy each other’s company is when the kids are home for their summer vacation. This is one reason why many families really plan well and hard to mark a few weeks (even months) off on their calendars. They reserve these dates for a grand family vacation.

Long work hours, homework, and various activities usually prevent a family from enjoying fun activities, or even dinner, together. That’s why it’s very important for a family to schedule a vacation. That’s the only time they can spend uninterrupted time together. The vacation could be for three days or three weeks; the length of time doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they were able to spend quality time together.


Cost Effective

Most families, though, hold off on the vacation, because they are worried that it could cost them a lot. However, vacations don’t necessarily have to be an extravagant adventure. Families could choose to visit an amusement park, go overnight camping, or go on a road trip. Sometimes, they can even book furnished vacation homes or serviced apartments or residences and stay for a few days in a place where everything is accessible. Mostly, choose accommodations where you could be vacationing like a local.

vacation home, apartment, italy
apartment complex for rent in Lignano, Italy

Convenient and Comfortable

There are many factors to consider when choosing where to stay while on vacation. Rather than rent a hotel room, it would be wiser to opt for furnished apartments or residences where the family would be treated to a vacation with all the comforts of home. This will make the trip more relaxing and fun for the whole family. You wouldn’t have to jam everyone in a tiny hotel room. When everyone else wants to stay in, you could think up indoor activities that you can enjoy as a family.

Since most accommodations are just like “home”, you can even have regular cookouts and invite friends you’ve met while on vacation. Indeed, you can concentrate on having fun. There wouldn’t be any room to concern yourself with work-related issues or any other domestic problems. Once you book an apartment, you need just concern yourself with the fun activities that the whole family can enjoy while on vacation. Everything else will fall right smack into place.

kids at terrace, vacation home


These holiday homes are a great way to make your vacation memorable and stress-free. No longer would you need to book for hotel rooms that are usually cramped. You don’t even have to worry about checking in and checking out. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to pay daily for your accommodation. Besides, there’s nothing better than having your own space where you can relax comfortably. There are other reasons why holiday homes are better than other accommodations.


One is privacy. Renting a vacation home is better than a hotel room where you know that someone is always on the other side of the wall. A rented apartment makes you feel you’re in a home away from home. Moreover, these accommodations are affordable. If you book a hotel room, you would be charged for each day you spend there. You also need to pay for food. With a furnished apartment, you can rent it out for at least three months or more; thus, you only pay one time for the accommodation.

Walking around Berlin and Venice before going “home”

Own Pool

Kids love to swim, well at least my kids do. Vacation homes sometimes have pools that they own, or a community pool shared by an apartment complex. It is a convenient way to keep the kids active while you relax and read a book and watch them (if you’re not as keen as they are to be in the water).

More Space

In addition, you’ll have all the space you want in a rented apartment. Most hotel rooms have an average size of 325 square feet. On the other hand, a vacation home measures anywhere between 700 to 1000 (or more) square feet! That’s a lot of space to enjoy every minute of your bonding time with the family. There’s also the view to take into consideration. If you’re renting a vacation home near the beach, you have the option to choose one with an oceanfront view. You can’t always get that with a hotel room, unless you pay a handsome room rate.

vienna, berlin wall
(Walking around Vienna and posing by one of the remains of the Berlin Wall)

A Vacation Home, Smart Choice

A vacation is when you get to enjoy your family without thoughts of work or school. Piling expenses due to food and lodging should be the least of your concerns while on vacation, and the best way to do without those is to pay a one-time fee for a vacation home. Hence, if you’re looking for a place to stay that offers the comfort and convenience of home, opt to rent an apartment instead of booking a hotel room, a vacation home is indeed a smart choice.


  1. I agree that this is the smart momma’s choice. I especially like having privacy and more space. My husband would appreciate having our own pool while vacationing.

  2. Vacation homes make for the best memories! I remember my parents taking us on vacations and we had so much fun in the home. We got our own rooms, we had a pool, we had barbecues outside and ran around the garden. I hope to take my own kids on vacations like these as well and just enjoy our quality time together.

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