The Perfect Cruise for the Family

Cruises, Featured

Most people take advantage of summer vacations not just to reconnect with relatives, families, and loved ones. They also want to have that much-needed break from school or work. This is the reason why my family and I take some time off from our busy schedules during summertime. This time we planned for something we […]

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Going back to Disneyland Paris

Featured, France, Paris

Going back to Disneyland Paris (DLP) is on our bucket list for some time now. If you’ve been to my other blogs then you’ll know how I complain that time goes really fast. Especially if you have kids. Just yesterday the baby does nothing but sleep and drink milk, now they’re going to school and […]

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Keeping Long Hours of Travel Short on Boredom with Fun Travel Games

Featured, Trains, Travel Tips

Travelling to different places is a fun and exciting way to spend a vacation with the family. However, you may find that the journey to your destination is filled with lots of time and little to do whenever a trip involves long distance travel on cars or trains. Unless you are travelling on board one […]

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Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg

Austria, Featured, Salzburg

What’s more appropriate to do in Salzburg than visit the special locations it’s famous for? Aside from being the birthplace of music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg became known for the film musical The Sound of Music which brought us the songs “Edelweiss“, “My Favorite Things”, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”, “Do-Re-Mi”, “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”, and […]

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How Not To Get Bored When You Travel Europe by Train

Featured, Trains, Travel Tips

When in Europe do what Europeans love to do most…travel. Unfortunately, travelling in this continent costs much more than it would in other regions. One savvy way to travel around is through Euro trains. Euro trains’ self-guided rail tour package across Europe gives passengers a taste of historic and European architecture between cities. Travellers get […]

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All the Nice things in Nice

France, Nice

  We’ve established from the previous posts that when in Rome, you’re told to do as the Romans do.  But when you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of Nice, France, you don’t have to try too hard to pose as a dignified Frenchman or a lady with her nose up in the air.  Just be […]

Rome Alone

Italy, Rome

Five hours in the Eternal City is never enough to cover and discover all that this enchanting commune has to offer. That’s what I had though when hubby and I went “roaming alone in Rome” for some me-time. It includes the challenge of not taking a taxi, just the trains. 😀 Hesitation was my feeling at […]

The Alcatraz Island – The Famous Tourist Trap

San Francisco

^Golden Gate bridge (all photos in this post by hubby) If you love watching movies, especially the ones based on true stories, actual historical places, or real people (those whose names became popular either because of their good deeds or their notoriety), then you have probably seen “The Rock” and “Escape from Alcatraz”. Both movies […]

The Musical Greats of Seattle

Music Scene

Seattle, Washington, known as the City of Goodwill and also as Emerald City, is known for coffee, rainy weather, the Space Needle, and some great musical legends. While it may not be along the lines of New York or Hollywood in terms of being a magnet for entertainers, Seattle’s high quality of life, strong arts […]

Where to? Emerald City versus City By The Bay

North America

  Twelve hours apart from each other by car and just about two hours by plane, Seattle and San Francisco tend to be two cities with a highly educated, nature-loving, culturally-rich population. They are both favourites among travellers, especially those who enjoy long driving trips. There are still a lot to see and do in […]

Much Ado About The Space Needle

North America, Seattle

  Seattle is considered the major commercial, educational, and cultural powerhouse of the western Washington region. It may seem like an ordinary city, but you would never want for anything when you visit the place. The city boasts of extraordinary and fun things to do no matter what age group you belong to. At least […]

Stunning Shorelines: The Best of South African Beaches

South Africa

  South Africa is a beautiful and vibrant country, and with such a vast history – both devastating and exciting – there’s so much for tourists to experience here. With millions of people visiting South Africa every year, there’s no doubt that it’s stunning countryside, museums, restaurants and bars offer a wealth of entertainment, and […]

Rooms on a Budget Through Hotel Discount Sites


  Shopping is always fun when you are getting things at a bargain.  The same is true when shopping for hotel accommodations for your vacation.  There are budget rooms and suites available in many hotel discount sites online.  All you need to do is to check these websites at some point and find wonderful deals for your […]

Places to Visit and Things to Do in Fraser Island


One of the numerous smaller islands that comprise the beautiful country of Australia is Fraser Island. You can find it just off the south Queensland coast, opposite Hervey Bay. It stretches 122 kilometers long and has an expanse ranging between five and 25 kilometers. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, which […]

The Famous Windmills of Holland


Windmills are to Holland what the Colosseum is to Rome. Simply put, these windmills of Holland have become icons that depict everything Dutch. Funnily, though, the Dutch are not the ones who invented windmills. Now the question that may be running through your mind is how these windmills became synonymous with Holland. It might have […]

Top Historic Sites on the Island of Corfu (Kerkyra)


Despite being a small island the Greek Island of Corfu has a long and varied history, with many stories to be uncovered and sights to be seen. Holidays in Corfu can be a real history lesson as the island has been inhabited since 1300BC and been involved in many battles right up to World War […]